Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hot or Not

Kim K has been in Paris, and yesterday she debuted a new hairstyle:

Oh hey Kanye

Now I'm not going to say that she looks like she walked off the set of Star Trek or that her hair has a striking resemblance to Legolas, but I will say that Kim Kardashian has made some interesting choices. Like the time she released a sex tape to be famous. Or the time she was married for only 72 days. Or the time that the next guy she married was this guy. And this is, yet again, an interesting choice that I'll have to rate as not hot. We know how pretty our Armenian princess can be, and this look is showing no signs of enhancing her beauty. This look may not break the internet, but it will break her hair. So change it back quick Kim before your hair is too damaged or we'll all be looking like this:


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