Sunday, March 8, 2015

My first Tinder date

You guyz it is time! I finally went on a Tinder date! Ring out the wild bells ... or something. JTLYK (just to let you know) I will be referring to Tinder as Tindy from now on. I'm unsure why, but it's sticking.

So my Tindy date.

First, I didn't give him my phone number and said that we should meet there. Am I paranoid? Yes. The answer is a hard yes. He thought it was kinda weird, but didn't let on too much so he agreed to meet me at a local eatery.

So this guy's profile says something about being "just a European guys trying to find his way in this world" or something like that. So I'm thinking, "Okay this guy wants to seem exotic, but really he just ate a Aero bar and listened to T Swift and he now feels a connection to the Old Country or something. (But seriously guys mail order an Aero bar. They're so worth it.)

So I wait in front of the restaurant. And wait. And wait. And think, "Wow if I'm getting stood up for my first Tindy experience then I'm going to flip a B and purchase a Little Ceasars pizza and eat the whole thing." (Little Ceasars was right next to me. That is not typically my emotional eating go-to.)

Then, suddenly, he appears. And you guys, he's way cute. Not like a, "Take me I'm yours," kind of cute, but a "Met you in an airplane and we had a connection but we are going to opposite ends of the country and I'll remember you forever," kind of cute.

And he was 100%, adorably, European. Think Massimo off of the wedding planner. Think, foreign, smiley, and happy.

I was enamored.

We got food, sat, and talked for about an hour. We'll call him Massimo, for the sake of the story.

Massimo is passionate about living life. He travels everywhere. I'm pretty sure he is loaded. He didn't want to waste his twenties so he got certified to solo sky dive. He loves meeting people. He is happy. He asked questions, but mostly just talked about himself. He was so fun! And happy! And I just loved it. It was so nice to 1. actually go on a date, and 2. enjoy it.

We were cleaning up and he spoke the words I will never forget:
"Tori, will you care for an ice cream."

YES I WILL CARE FOR ONE, MASSIMO. Past tense, present tense, I'm there.

So we drove in his Audi to get ice cream, and he teased me about getting up the courage to go somewhere with him. He made a lot of jokes that weren't very funny, but I laughed because I couldn't help it. He was just so cute.

We ate the ice cream (he's obsessed with chocolate) and he took me back to my car, and the wonderful scene in the middle of the chick flick where things are just starting to go right for the Kate Hudson-esque character ended. I gave him my phone number and he texted me a little today.

And that was that.

First Tinder date: success.


P.S. Just to give you a little glimpse of my Tindy Massimo:

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