Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tinder woes and I'm not a [insert word here that rhymes with woe]

I am reconsidering the title of this post, but I just want the whole world to know, "I am not a hoe."

Am I even spelling that correctly? This isn't the garden tool we're talking about. But I'm glad we could segue into tools...

First, a bit of background.
This year my goal is to do things I am uncomfortable with. I am uncomfortable with Tinder because to me it is shallow and demeaning. I'm also uncomfortable with the fact that Tinder is, in fact, real life. You see a person, decide if you think they're attractive, then make your move from there.

I decided to force myself to do Tinder. Mostly because I want to go on dates. I've learned, via Matthew Hussey, a former single (only recently dating) dating coach who told me personally (in his book on tape) that to date you need to meet more people. I need to meet more people because my current pool of men is exhausted (more on that in a later post).

So here I am on Tinder.

I've been on it for the whole month of February.

Here are my Tinder States:
28 days
54 matches
0 dates
5 legitimate conversations
1 casual offer for fun later that night (unsure about what that entailed but I said "Nah")
7 matches with friends I knew well and we just made fun of each other

So I've got a solid 45 people who thought I was something, but did nothing about it.

Cool, Tinder. (I use those words together on purpose for imagery).

What have I decided from this?

I'm going to stay on Tinder until I go on at least ONE TINDER DATE! Is this impossible? I have no clue, but a guy just messaged me with this, "Did you know Cookie Monster's real name is Sid?" So I think things are looking up.


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